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As we provide plumbing services, we come across a number of related questions every now and then from our customers. We have just gathered some of the frequently asked questions to share our experiences with those customers to help others about the problems they often face as homeowners.

If you also have any query to ask, you are more than welcome to contact us. Someone surely will satisfy your quest. Now let's focus on the questions from our customers.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do you offer emergency services?

    Yes, we offer emergency services for all sorts of plumbing related issues. You can reach us by this mail: info@plumbinghand.com for any emergency situation.

  • Can you fix other plumber's work?

    Yes, we can. But first we have to assess to what degree the situation is critical. If we find it to be fixable, we will fix. But if replacement is required, we will do the replacement accordingly.

  • How often should I clean my drain?

    To be honest, There's no particular recommended time for cleaning a drain. Whenever you notice any visible sign of drain clogs like, draining slowly, gurgling sound, or water flushing back from the toilet, you should get your drain cleaned by some experts.

    However, it is also a sagacious plan to clean out the drainage before something clogs into it and starts making trouble. Don't let your drain spread stinks.

  • Why does my kitchen sink leak?

    There may be a number of reasons for a kitchen sink to leak. Some of them are: some broken pipes, any missing valves, or connection problems.

    The most common one is the first one, cracked pipes. If the pipes of lower quality are subject to decay and degradation earlier than your expectations. A licensed plumber evaluates and judges all the possibilities to determine the problem and to take action.

  • Do plumbers repair gas lines also?

    Yes, plumbers do. Most of the people have an idea that plumbers are only experts on pipelines, drains, leaks and toilets. But there are many expert plumbers who repair gas lines as well.

  • What causes a burst pipe?

    The main reason for a burst pipe is the created pressure due to clogging. When the pipe becomes clogged with certain solid objects that prevent natural flow of water, the pipe can either leak or burst.

  • What is causing my shower to drip constantly?

    The main cause of dripping showers is hard water. Or the shower valve may be causing this nuisance. So check the shower head and valve and take help from skilled plumbers.

  • How do you find leaks in walls?

    Leaks in walls can be found by opening them only. No other ways can be precise and exact. There are tools to find out the moisture sources, but this barely suffices. So the plumbers need to open the particular place and take necessary steps.

  • Why is my home's water discolored?

    Water suddenly turning brown is a common problem faced by many homeowners. The causes of this nuisance can be pipe leakage, rusty pipe, sediment in water or oxidized iron.

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